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A collection of images, abstract or otherwise

(Mainly from in and around the Scottish Borders)

Enjoy what is here and use as you see fit. You will find something you like. Do check them out....

Oh yes, you will also find information/articles on places of interest that may be worth a visit !! ...

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Site Construction

The site and its contents is built using free/open source software which may give you inspiration. Sort of join the dots... Check links page..

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Chasing Light

Quite simply photographers chase light or add it in later. Not a reflection on current/past camera technology, just a fact.

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What you may/will find

Unadjusted, Post Processing Adjusted, HDR to the unreal, something unique....

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Some scaled down examples which hopefully will make you wish to explore further. By the way there is more to this site than just images. Hint ... Use the custom search/filter page to find all this. Go there


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